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林建成; 尚东涛


  1. 北方交通大学人文学院; 洛阳师范学院学报编辑部
  • 收稿日期:2001-02-13 修回日期:1900-01-01 出版日期:2001-04-30


LIN Jian-cheng; SHANG Dong-tao   

  1. School of the Humanities; Northern Jiaotong University; Luoyang Teacher s college
  • Received:2001-02-13 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2001-04-30

摘要: 从实践的、社会性的观点看,认识不但是能动的反映,而且是全面的反映;它不仅反映着客体的性质、关系、结构和功能,而且还反映着主体的需要、能力、活动以及主客体关系。因此,认识是对主体和客体的全面反映。如果我们承认物质概念的宽泛性、主体和客体的内在关联性、认识的差异性、认识类型的多样性以及马克思主义哲学各个部分的逻辑一致性,我们就不能不承认反映的全面性。

关键词: 主体, 客体, 反映的全面性

Abstract: In view of practice and social nature ,cognition is not only active but also comprehensive reflection . Cognition reflects not only the nature , relation , structure and function of object , but also the needs , ability , activity of subject and the relation between subject and object. Therefore , cognition is the comprehensive reflection of both subject and object. As long as we recognize the wide-ranging nature of the concept of matter , the inner relevance between subject and object , the disparity in c...

Key words: subject, object, comprehensivenatureofreflection