Acta Metallurgica Sinica(English letters)

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  1. 南开大学 中文系
  • 收稿日期:2004-07-16 修回日期:1900-01-01 出版日期:2004-10-30


LI Hua   

  1. Department of Chinese literature; Nankai University
  • Received:2004-07-16 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2004-10-30

摘要: 弗洛伊德主义自五四时期传入中国后,对我国文学界产生了一定影响。用弗洛伊德主义从女性心理视角把握《莎菲女士的日记》,也许是一个有效的尝试。本文试图运用弗洛伊德精神分析的基本理论,重新整合丁玲小说人物莎菲女士的精神内核。剖析莎菲本我、自我与超我间激烈的较量与冲突,深入挖掘莎菲的精神世界以及其在性爱关系中处于拒绝与接受之间的复杂心态,力图探寻莎菲丰富而复杂的心理挣扎。

关键词: 丁玲, 莎菲, 弗洛伊德, 自我, 超我, 本我, 力必多

Abstract: The Freudism has spread into China since the period of the May 4th and has some effect to our literary circles. Using the theory of Freudism and female psychology to explain "Diaries of Lady Shafei" is effective. This thesis tries to use the basic theory of psychoanalysis to explore the core of Shafei s spirit. It researches the consciousness of Shafei deeply and her involved mental state in erotic relationship. At last, this thesis strives to reveal the flounder in her heart by analysising the fierce confl...

Key words: Dingling, Shafei, Freudism, id, superego, ego, libido