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  1. 浙江大学 法学院
  • 收稿日期:2004-07-15 修回日期:1900-01-01 出版日期:2004-10-30


ZHANG Yong   

  1. College of Law; Zhejiang University
  • Received:2004-07-15 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2004-10-30

摘要: 格式条款自问世以来就被称之为"契约杀手",认为它违反了合同自由原则,应该加以严格的法律控制。本文通过对格式条款的价值分析,认为格式条款是传统自由的契约向现代理性的契约发展的必然结果,并基于此,通过理论分析提出我国应采取的法律制约机制。

关键词: 格式条款, 法律制约

Abstract: Considered to be against the principle of freedom of contracts, the standard form has been known as "killer of contract " since its occurrence. Consequently, it is generally held that the standard form should be strictly restricted by law. Through the reflection on its value, this article holds that the standard form results from the transformation from the traditional freedom of contracts to the contemporary sensibility of contracts. Based on that viewpoint, the authors propose some legal restrictions on t...

Key words: standardform, legalrestriction