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    On Lenin’s Understanding and Criticism of Bernstein’s “Peaceful Growth into Socialism”
    ZHOU Ye, WANG Lizhen
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (3): 1-4.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.TY01
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     The theoretical focus of Marx’s and Engels’thinking on the proletarian revolutionary strategies in their later years is to combine the legal struggle for universal suffrage with the violent revolution, try to surpass the contradictory tension between the legal struggle and the violent revolution when touching “social reality”, and formulate a new revolutionary strategy at its integration point. After the death of Marx and Engels, Bernstein comprehensively criticized and revised Marxism and set off the ideological trend of “peaceful growth into socialism”. With the emergence of Bernstein’s revisionist view, Lenin criticized Bernstein’s theoretical danger of “peaceful growth into socialism” in a negative sense, found the solution path of “coexistence and recognition”of the proletarian revolutionary strategy and its accompanying legal struggle and violent revolution from Marx and Engels, and defended the logical connotation of scientific socialism.
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    Literature Review on Curriculum Ideological and Political Education Research Based on Knowledge Map
    WANG Huan, DONG Ying, ZHANG Jing
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (4): 88-98.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0042
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    Curriculum ideological and political education is the core of the modern higher education teaching reform In order to better understand the current situation of curriculum ideological and political education research in China, through collecting the relevant literature data included in CSSCI database and CSSCI source journal database in CNKI from 2000 to 2021, CiteSpace is used to draw the knowledge map to analyze the literature from the perspectives of paper published volume trend, core authors, main research institutions, main cited journals and papers, keywords and mutation words Four research themes are identified: the connotation and characteristics of curriculum ideological and political education, the relationship between curriculum ideological and political education and ideological and political courses, the obstacles to the realization of curriculum ideological and political education and the practice path of curriculum ideological and political education The frontier and trend of curriculum ideological and political education research are sorted out, and it also points out that how to give full play to the dominant position of teachers in curriculum ideological and political education, the specific practice of curriculum ideological and political education in professional courses and the construction of the evaluation system will become the focus of this field.
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    Content Characteristics of High-quality Live Streaming Based on Text Mining
    MA Linye, YAN Qiang, ZHANG Xiaoyan, CAO Herui
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (6): 7-20.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0109
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    To explore the content characteristics of high-quality live streaming, text mining is conducted on the subtitle text. Firstly, the LDA model was used to extract themes, and the content of high-quality live streaming was divided into responsiveness, personalization, visualization, professionalism, reliability and entertainment, and the new definitions of them were given. Then, a suitable machine learning algorithm was used to predict the topic probability. Finally, the probability distribution of the content characteristics of high-quality live streaming was given by statistical analysis. The research showed that live streaming content provided utilitarian, hedonic and social value. The introduction duration of experience products was higher than that of search products, and experience products are higher than search products in terms of professionalism and entertainment, and lower in terms of visualization. In addition, the product introduction duration of the new live streaming studios was relatively shorter than that of mature ones and the new live streaming studios paid more attention to responsiveness. Some reasonable explanations were given for these findings based on previous research results. This study would help guide the work of new anchors and optimize the process for live streaming platforms.
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    Algorithmic Discrimination and Its Governance in Era of Artificial Intelligence
    XIE Yongjiang, YANG Yongxing
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (5): 18-25.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0055
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     With the rapid development of big data and artificial intelligence technology, algorithms, as one of the core technologies of artificial intelligence are widely used in human society. While promoting the development of the industrial economy and facilitating human life, it also brings serious problems of algorithmic discrimination. Algorithmic discrimination not only infringes the legitimate rights and interests of specific entities, operators’ competitive interests, and people’s basic human rights at the direct level, but also deepens existing prejudice and aggravates the digital gap, which are not conducive to the long-term development of the artificial intelligence industry and need to be regulated urgently. By tracing the causes of algorithmic discrimination, it can be seen that algorithmic discrimination is the result of algorithm developers’ implicit bias embedded in algorithms, data deviation and algorithm black boxes. Algorithmic discrimination is a legal issue in the technical field. Based on referring to the extraterritorial mode, the regulation of algorithmic discrimination needs to adopt multiple means such as law, technology and social norms to achieve the coordinated effect of algorithmic discrimination governance.
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    Legal Regulatory Dilemma and Way out of Blind Box Sales
    YE Xiaodan, ZHU Qianqing
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (5): 26-31.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0056
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     Blind box sales, the innovative way of selling goods, whether it is in brick-and-mortar stores or online e-commerce platforms, are loved by young people. The novelty and fun of blind boxes have brought new marketing ideas to operators, and injected new impetus into the vigorous development of China’s economy. Even the blind box economy is formed. However, while the blind box economy is expanding, it also exposes some legal risks, resulting in some social hazards, such as lack of product quality guarantee, weak protection of consumer rights and interests and the existence of gambling risks. Therefore, how to resolve the legal regulatory dilemma of blind box sales is a problem that must be faced and solved in the developing process of the blind box economy.
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    Green Finance, Fintech and High-quality Economic Development
    ZHAO Baoguo, CUI Shujia
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2023, 25 (1): 12-24.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0130
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    The impact of green finance and fintech on high-quality economic development is empirically examined. Using data from China’s 30 provinces and cities from 2011—2019, panel regression analysis was used to study the relationship among green finance, fintech and high-quality economic development. It is found that green finance comprehensively promotes high-quality economic development through its positive impact on ecological environment, efficient economic development, innovative development and industrial structure optimization. Furthermore, fintech has enhanced the positive impact of green finance on innovative development, efficient development and industrial structure, but in the process of green finance affecting green development, fintech has failed to show the expected regulatory effect. Based on this conclusion, corresponding policy suggestions are put forward, including strengthening the top-level design of green fintech, actively developing green fintech, and using technological means to improve risk supervision and control ability in the field of green finance.
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    Practical Experience, Logic Mechanism and Improvement Paths of China’s Digital Government Construction in New Era
    DU Zhuanjia
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (5): 1-9.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0061
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    Firstly, this paper summarizes the practical experience of China’s digital government construction in top-level design, construction dimensions, technical support, platform construction and data opening. Secondly, it points out the problems of regional imbalance, information islands, insufficient investment in digital infrastructure, imperfect online government services and increasingly prominent data security risks in the process of digital government construction. Finally, based on analyzing the logic mechanism of China’s digital government construction, this paper points out that we should deepen the construction of digital government, strengthen the top-level design, improve the construction of the national-level digital government platform, attach importance to the application of new information technology, create a closed loop of digital government, realize the integration of “online and offline” government services, and improve data security and supervisory capabilities. Those are important paths of improving the construction of China’s digital government.
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    On Four Methods of the Party’s Three Historical Resolutions
    WU Qun, WANG Chuanli
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (3): 27-33.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.TY05
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    The forming background, the main purpose and the content of the Party’s three historical resolutions are different, but the three historical resolutionsrun through the four methods of grasping the Party’s goal from a broader historical perspective,following the ideological line of seeking truth from facts, adhering to people’s side of historical materialism, and using the method of historical analysis and class analysis to evaluate history and historical figures. Analyzing the four methods ofthe three resolutions allows us to see clearly self-cognition, self-reflection, self-innovation and self-summarization in a panoramic view of the Communist Party of Chinaover the century, and can help us to study and understand the Party’s three historical resolutions from a more scientific methodology, making us enhance historical consciousness, firm historical confidence andgrasp historical initiative.
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    Influence of Depth of FTA Investment-Rules on GVC Division Status
    HUANG Yanxi, XU Shuang
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (3): 54-66.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2021.0216
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     Based on DESTA database, the depth index of FTA (Free Trade Agreement)investment rules is firstly constructed, and then the depth of investment rules of stock agreements signed by 31 developed countries and 26 developing countries is calculated.The impact of the depth of FTA investment rules on the Global Value Chain (GVC) division is analyzed byusing extended gravity model, and also the robustness test and national heterogeneity analysis are conducted. Empirical research shows that the depth of FTA investment rules can significantly promote GVC division status, while the number of FTA has a significantly negative effect on GVC division. The heterogeneity regression results show that, compared to developed countries, the depth of FTA investment rules signed by developing countries has a more significant effect on their GVC division status. For the FTA signed with developed countries, the depth of investment rules plays a significant role in improving the GVC division status of developing countries. Based on this, especially for developing countries, in the process of opening up, the negotiation on FTA provisions with developed countries is still a critical step, and promoting the depth of FTA investment rules must be grasped.
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    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (6): 39-47.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0089
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    Mechanism and Path of Talent Cultivation for International Cooperation Projects in Universities Based on Digital Scene
    YAN Zichun, LIAN Yiyang,
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (6): 72-79.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0082
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    International cooperation projects have always been valued and widely participated in by universities at home and abroad as an important part of talent cultivation in higher education, and the application in digital scenes in the context of COVID-19 has also become the main way of international cooperation projects of various universities. The path of digital scenes in international cooperation projects and talent cultivation mechanism of universities is emphasized, the current situation of digital scene application in international cooperation projects is summarized, and the path of international cooperation based on the digital mode is proposed by combining the important status of digitization in international cooperation projects of universities. Based on the case of digital application in international cooperation projects, the measures are put forward, which serves as reference for the new situation of international cooperation projects in the digital era, and assists international cooperation projects in stepping into a new stage.
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    Unveil “Nihility” of Historical Nihilism
    ZHOU Ye, LAN Zhaorui
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (4): 1-5.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.
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    Historical nihilism has experienced the transformation from philosophical thought to political thought. In essence, it is an idealistic view of history. It negates the historical subject, deconstructs the mainstream values, attempts to interpret history with ideas, and deduces “historical compilation” with the so-called individual narrative. Its fundamental purpose is to comprehensively deny the correctness and inevitability of Chinese revolutionary history, and comprehensively deny the great achievements made by the socialist revolution, construction and reform led by the Communist Party of China. In this regard, we should start from the perspective of historical materialism, recognize the true face and essence of historical nihilism, take a correct attitude, and fundamentally criticize it.
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    Cultural Feedback in Digital Generation Gap: Study on Intergenerational Interaction of Family WeChat Field
    FANG Nan
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (5): 10-17.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0067
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     With deep integration between digital technology and social intercourse, intergenerational interaction of family WeChat field, as a traditional Chinese families’ strong response to changes in the digital age, promotes the healing of family intergenerational emotion, the self-adaptation shown in family intergenerational interaction and the natural heritage of family intergenerational filial piety culture, and it has become a new perspective of observing media reverse of family intergenerational harmony. Parents and offspring in the family WeChat field have obvious differences and contradictions in WeChat access gap, usage gap and knowledge gap, showing a realistic picture of symbiosis between demand and anxiety, domestication and privacy, and bridging and impedance. Parents and offspring need to elevate the sense of identity and understanding of digital cultural concepts, strengthen the sense of cohesion and cohesiveness of family intergenerational interaction, and promote the sense of presence and consciousness of spiritual support behavior, to realize the harmonious family intergenerational interaction in the digital era.
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    Innovative Path of Chinese Cinema’s Overseas Online Communication in New Era
    LAN Duo
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (3): 45-53.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0009
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     In recent years, under the general requirements of strengthening overseas communication capacity and the cinema industry’s efforts to seek communication innovation, the overseas communication of Chinese cinema has taken on a new look. In order to explore the characteristics of Chinese cinema’s overseas online communication, web crawlers technology is used to capture the comments and reposts of popular Chinese cinema on overseas mainstream media and social media platforms, and combining the paradigms of genre study and narrative study,big data analysis and content analysis is conducted to summarize the common characteristics of popular Chinese cinema’s overseas online communication. In terms of content, it proposes strategies such as attaching importance to cultural heritage and telling China’s stories well. In terms of channels, it suggests that Chinese cinema should create an all-round and diversified communication method. The main purpose is to explore innovative path of overseas online communication for Chinese cinema in the new era.
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    On Basic Experience of the Party’s Political Building in New Era —Learning and Implementing Spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee
    LI Gang, XU Jiayin
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (3): 5-12.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.TY02
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    The report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC)proposes that the Party’s political building should be included in the overall layout of Party building and placed in a leading position, which has profound theoretical logic, Party building logic, realistic logic and historical logic. Taking a clear-cut political stand is the fundamental requirement of Marxist parties and the fine tradition of the Party in its century-long struggle. The Party’s political building determines the direction and effect of Party building. Focusing on political buildingis not only the successful experience of full and strict self-governance, but also the fundamental guarantee for solving the prominent problems within the Party. To guide Party building in the new era bythe Party’s political building requires the whole Party to firmly establish the “four consciousnesses”, take the Party building as the fundamental follow, put the Political buildingin the first place, adhere to problem orientation, adhere to the unity of the two-point theory and the key theory, strengthen the Party’s political belief in practice, adhere to the Party’s political leadership, improve the Party’s political ability, purify the political ecology within the Party, and strengthen the system guarantee. 
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    Basic Legal Theory and Institutional Structure of Fintech Ethical Regulation
    TANG Shiya, ZHANG Weiyu
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (6): 21-27.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0104
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    Fintech ethical regulation guides and constrains fintech entities to fulfill market obligations and engage in goodwill altruistic behavior through ethical standards and behavioral norms. As a paradigm of “soft regulation”, fintech ethical regulation has been confirmed at the regulatory level in the document of “Fintech Development Plan (2022—2025)”. Constrained by the data monopoly of fintech companies, the “algorithmic black box” of fintech, and the regulation of financial divisions, fintech has much ethical anomie in the fields of data regulation, algorithm regulation, and platform transaction regulation. In order to seek a reasonable balance between “ethics” and “legalization” of fintech ethical regulation and achieve institutionalized construction, a feasible solution is to build a compound fintech ethical governance system of “government + enterprise + industry self-regulatory organization + the public”, use the regulatory sandbox to conduct fintech ethical operation tests, establish ethical self-examination and evaluation of fintech enterprises, and promote the transformation of fintech bottom-line ethical rules into legal rules.
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    Construction of Service-oriented Value Creation System for Manufacturing Industry Based on Multi-dimensional Industrial Big Data
    LIU Pingfeng, CHEN Kun
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (3): 78-89.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2021.0228
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    Based on the data of Sany Heavy Industry and through analyzing its industrial big data application in the process of servicing transformation, the dimensions of industrial big data and the enterprise value creation system based on multi-dimensional industrial big data are put forward by using the grounded theory. Research shows that around the value chain links of R&D, manufacturing, production, logistics and marketing,enterprises can divide industrial big data into eight dimensions: data source, time, location, standard, personnel, product, environment and order. Driven by the demand for servicing, enterprises collect and analyze industrial big data, build a servicing path for manufacturing industry that includes data visualization, value chain extension, industrial integration and network collaboration, and create four levels of value, including information value, transformation value, strategic value and transaction value. Through the collection of industrial big data in eight dimensions, an analytical framework is proposed for service-oriented value creation in the manufacturing industry.
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    Evolution of Supply Chain Finance Participants’ Opportunistic Behaviors
    SHI Kuiran, JI Yansong
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (4): 12-25.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2021.0202
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    Supply Chain Finance (SCF) risk incidents caused by participants’ opportunistic behaviors occur frequently, hindering the functioning of SCF The governance for opportunistic behaviors is the key to the sustainable development of SCF Prospect theory is used to describe the subjective utility of participants, and evolutionary game methods are applied to analyze SCF participants’ opportunistic behaviors An evolutionary game model between financial institutions and financing firms is presented to find the evolutionary path of each participant and the evolutionary stability strategies under different conditions The result shows that there are four evolutionary stable states in the evolutionary game model When the benefits of active supervision are too low, the cost of supervision is too high, the efficiency of supervision is too low, or the cost of liability for risk loss is too low, the tendency of financial institutions to be opportunistic will be high; when the default benefits are too high, the penalty for default is too low, or the return on compliance is too low, the opportunistic tendency of financing firms will be high In response to the analysis results, countermeasures are proposed to prevent opportunistic behaviors of SCF participants at financial institutions level and supply chain enterprises level
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    Influence of Quality of Corporate Annual Report Credit Information Disclosure on Cost of Equity Capital
    GAO Jinping, WU Meijuan
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (4): 39-50.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.0013
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    The high-quality disclosure of credit information can show enterprises’ trusted business operations to investors, enhance investors’ trust in enterprises and reduce the cost of equity capital A-share listed companies from 2015 to 2018 are selected as samples, and text analysis method is used to quantify the quality of annual report credit information disclosure, and test the impact of disclosure quality on the cost of equity capital and the heterogeneity of the impact under different property rights The results show that there is a significant negative correlation between the quality of annual report credit information disclosure and the cost of equity capital Further research on property rights shows that the negative correlation above is more significant in non-state-owned enterprises.
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    Adhering to Historical Experience of Putting People First—Learning and Implementing Spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee
    XU Bin, ZHANG Ziyue
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (3): 21-26.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2022.TY04
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    “Putting People First” is important historical experience condensed by the Communist Party of China in the great practice of revolution, construction, reform and new era, and the key to major achievements of the Communist Party of China over the past century.The historical experience of “Putting People First” has rich inner meanings, including everything based on people’s standpoint, everything that relies on people’s main driving force, and everything that serves people’s values. The world today is undergoing profound transformation unseen in a century, and socialism with Chinese characteristics is developing into a new era. “Putting People First” should be continuously regarded as the key to realizing the Chinese Dream of national rejuvenation, which requires the Party to vigorously develop people’s democracy in the whole process and promote the modernization of China’s governance system and capacity, to protect people’s rights; continuously improve social productivity and promote common prosperity, to advance social equality; meet people’s needs for a better society and promote people’s all-round development, to show the value of development.
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