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    Microblog Information Diffusion: Simulation Based on SIR Model
    LIU Dan, YIN Ya-wen, SONG Ming
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2014, 16 (3): 28-33.  
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    As a powerful and new information dissemination social media, microblog has got increasing attention Finding patterns of information diffusion of microblog, vicious information will be effectively regulated Users of microblogs are divided into three categories: not-forwarding users, forwarding users and  overwhelming users based on the susceptible, infected and removed (SIR) model, which can successfully simulate users’ information forwarding behavior By using Matlab, the microblog information diffusion curves and patterns are found out Based on simulation results, policy recommendations are put forward in the end

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    Living Lab Innovation Practice Based on Field Theory Perspective
    LI Qing, CAO Jing
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2014, 16 (1): 79-87.  
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    Innovation is the driving force and productive force of modern information society Living Lab is a new practice system of innovation that appeared in recent years, and it’s also a kind of social organization form with the purpose of innovation The emergence of Living Lab innovation system has changed the nature of innovation and added new ideas and energy to innovation From the perspective of the field theory in Bourdieu’s sociological theory, and combined with the characteristics of Living Lab itself, the Living Lab practice field structure is put forward, and detailed analysis and discussion is made, based on the field theory in view of Living Lab practice field structure, including the main body of innovation and the relationship between them, innovation process, and innovation achievement of each stage The research results have great practical value, which not only offers a new research framework for Living Lab integration of theory and practice, but also provides clearer practical guidance for the future of Living Lab innovation practice

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    Content Detection Based on Knowledge Relation: Cases of Health Rumors
    HUANG Miao, HUANG Pei
    JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOM    2020, 22 (1): 1-6.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2019.0369
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    Ubiquitous informatization in the society enables the Internet to be the most efficient access for acquiring knowledge However, with the decrease of barriers for releasing and distributing information, frequent occurrence of rumors has become a social problem Moreover, health topics are closely related to individuals lives, so they are the worst-hit area of rumors Based on content analysis of rumors in WeChat and Toutiaocom, the research question of how to detect rumors through the characteristics of knowledge relation is proposed In order to explore and present the knowledge relation, a social networking analysis tool was adopted to visualize the cluster of high frequency words of weight-loss rumors that were refined from the rumor base at Bytedance With the analysis through visualization, it is found that the co-occurrence relation is better than the similarity relation at discovering common phrases and popular topics of knowledge-based rumors Lastly, in a normative perspective, a mechanism for detecting newborn rumors is constructed, which should integrate technologies of knowledge graph and labeling
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    Calm Thinking behind Explosion of “Internet-famous Tourist Destinations”
    PANG Lin-yuan
    JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOM    2020, 22 (1): 7-13.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2019.0375
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    Nowadays, with the profound impact of Internet on peoples life, Internet-famous tourist destination is no longer a new word In recent years, some scenic spots or tourist destinations relying on short videos or other social platforms have gained huge traffic on the Internet The continuous popularity of scenic spots has brought huge economic benefits to the local area, but the problems exposed by the popularity of Internet-famous tourist destinations have also brought new challenges to social governance From the perspectives of Internet-famous setting creation, fission communication, the role of network opinion leader, and based on the analysis of the formation mechanism and communication path of Internet-famous tourist destinations, some reasonable measures are put forward to regulate and guide the development of Internet-famous tourist destinations
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    Evaluation on Input Efficiency of Cross-border E-commerce Production Factor
    ZHANG Xia-heng1,2
    JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOM    2020, 22 (1): 30-35.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2019.0341
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    The development of cross-border e-commerce has gradually matured, and what is the input efficiency of its production factors? On the basis of the research hypothesis, the evaluation index system and the multiple linear regression model are constructed, and the empirical analysis is carried out Empirical analysis shows that the number of e-commerce enterprises and express revenue is significantly positively correlated with cross-border e-commerce, while labor input is significantly negatively correlated The asset investment, Internet penetration and the number of Internet users are not significantly correlated with cross-border e-commerce It can be seen that in the current cross-border e-commerce activities, there is a “crowded” state of production factors, and the excessive input of production factors makes the production efficiency not reach the best state, especially shown in the elements of capital input and labor input The number of enterprises is positively correlated with the growth of the cross-border e-commerce industry, while the basic elements of the Internet have little to do with the growth of the industry Therefore, we should cultivate high-quality cross-border e-commerce professionals, optimize the capital structure, improve the growth environment of the enterprises, and promote the development of the cross-border e-commerce industry
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    Dynamic Adjustment Mechanism for Spectrum Resource Allocation in China
    DU Zhen-hua, ZHOU Shu
    JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOM    2020, 22 (1): 14-19.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2019.0360
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    Starting from the characteristics of spectrum resources, it is pointed out that the seriously scarce spectrum resources are one of the main bottlenecks of 5G development and application To solve this problem, the existing allocation of spectrum resources must be improved The original allocation system of spectrum resources in China has resulted in the coexistence of shortage and excess Only by establishing the dual dynamic adjustment mechanism of government and market, can the allocation process of spectrum resources be optimized through Pareto improvement
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    Incentive Mechanism Design for B2B Platform under Dual Reputation
    YANG Qi-feng, GAO Ya-ting, SONG Ping
    JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOM    2020, 22 (1): 20-29.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2019.0197
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    The market reputation cannot achieve long-term incentives for the B2B platform In order to suppress the long-term moral hazard of the B2B platform, a two-stage principal-agent model that introduces market reputation and internal reputation is constructed. The inverse induction method is used to solve the incentive effect of the dual reputation under the two-phase cooperation, and the impact of internal reputation on the incentive contract is also compared and analyzed It is found that market reputation can only suppress the short-term moral hazard of B2B platform, while internal reputation can inhibit the short-term and long-term moral hazard of B2B platform, but its short-term incentive effect is worse than that of market reputation; the incentive mechanism under dual reputation can solve the problem that market reputation cannot realize the long-term incentives and can make up for the shortcomings of short-term incentives for internal reputation Therefore, the incentive mechanism based on dual reputation is more reasonable and effective for banks
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    Dilemma Analysis of Copyright Protection of Mobile Games
    GUO Ren-gui
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    With the rapid growth of the number of smart phone users in recent years, the mobile phone game on the mobile phone platform has also got a good development opportunity Although the development speed of mobile gaming industry is amazing, the growth is extensive and brutal, followed by a serious homogenization and the proliferation of piracy, and as a result, the copyright protection of mobile games has been essential There is no consensus on the classification of the mobile game copyright and the content of the mobile game copyright, so the copyright protection of the mobile game is in a dilemma It is difficult to match the eight types of legal works stipulated in the Copyright Law although it covers the key components included in works Therefore, it is a good policy to take mobile games as independent copyright objects to protect, and the protection mode can refer to the film works According to different contents, copyright protection of mobile game content can be seen as different types of works, in accordance with the provisions of the law to give the corresponding rights
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    Historical Factors of Formation and Development of #br# the Community for the Chinese Nation
    WANG Huan, YU Lianrui, MENG Jingjing
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2021, 23 (6): 55-58.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2021.TY019
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    Consolidating the sense of the Community for the Chinese Nation is the main line of the work on ethnic affairs in the new era. Many historical factors contributed to the formation of the sense of the Community for the Chinese Nation. The Han nationality as the main ethnic group in China played a leading role in the formation and development of the Community for the Chinese Nation. A strong central government provided political guarantees. The political idea of “unification of tianxia” was the cultural motivation. Resettlement and development comprised an important economic and social factor that laid the foundation for the formation and development of the Community for the Chinese Nation. Summarizing its historical factors is conducive to in-depth study and comprehension of General Secretary Xi Jinpings statements on consolidating the sense of the Community for the Chinese Nation, thereby improving the conscientiousness of Party members and officials as well as the masses of all ethnic groups to consolidate the sense of the Community for the Chinese Nation.
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    Characteristics and Plight of Contemporary College Students’ Network #br# Political Participation and Optimal Path Study
    ZHOU Ming-xing
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     Network political participation is the most available way for college students to express their public opinions Contemporary college students’ network political participation has the characteristics of “four coexistence”, that is, individuality and sociality, benefits and sense of responsibility, rationality and impulsivity, actuality and development Some problems are found in college students’ network political participation such as the absence of government information publicity, the impurity of media content, the weaker role that public BBS has played, the insufficiency of website “self-discipline” and the improvement of students’ participation quality The optimal path to solving these problems is put forward, so as to improve the effectiveness of the contemporary college students’ political participation
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    Prevalence of Loan Words in Chinese Internet Culture: A Phenomenon of Rhetoric and Drive for Social Identity
    XIONG Zheng
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2020, 22 (3): 1-6.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2020.0079
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    This paper presents a study on a prevailing language phenomenon in Chinas social media, specifically the prevalence of considerable loan words used in Chinese netizens online communication. It is found that this linguistic popularity derives from the “rhetorical taste” retained through the effort of translation, and moreover, from users drive to obtain social identity among other netizens with similar interests. An insight is reached that translation, as a rhetorical practice, is employed by netizens to develop discursive resources and fulfill psychological needs in web context.
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    Legal Interpretation in the Area of International Law: Obedience and Generation
    WU Di
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    The relationship between obedience and generation is a key question in the subject of legal interpretation In the area of international law, the obedience and generative practice of legal interpretation get some profound influence from the general rule of legal interpretation and the special condition of international law From hermeneutic and linguistic perspectives, it is found that these two form an integral part Furthermore, the balance between obedience and generation in legal interpretation of international law is decided by the function of international law and also plays a key role in it

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    Characteristics and Trend of Current Development of We Media
    ZHANG Xiao-fan
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2015, 17 (5): 1-5.  
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    With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the form and variety of media have changed a lot The emergency of new media, such as smart terminals, microblog and WeChat, increasingly integrates media with personal life, making media become “Extension of Man” Meanwhile, We Media has realized the seamless connection between man and media, which further verifies Mcluhan’s prediction Based on communication theories, the communication ecology, communicators, channels and receivers of current We Media are analyzed, and the future development trend of We Media is discussed as well
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    Connotation of Internet Business Ecosystem
    CHEN Jiancong,YANG Xu
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    In the “Internet plus” era, the Internet industry have drawn more attention as well as the development pattern and competition situation of enterprises Business ecosystem, the unconventional angle of viewing enterprise’s competition and industry development, is emphasized, with the summary and induction of the domestic and foreign related research The outline and framework of the Internet business ecosystem is clarified, and then the Internet business ecosystem is defined from the perspective of internal and external relationships of enterprises With the exploration of the connotation of Internet business ecosystem, eight basic characteristics of the system from three levels are summarized Furthermore, the system is evaluated based on the dimensions of innovation, integrity and richness, and the evolution trend of the Internet business ecosystem is described, to promote the development of theory and practice

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    Framework and Strategy of Media Communication of City Image#br# ——Focusing on Host City Tokyo of 2020 Olympic Games
    JIANG Ying
    JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOM    2018, 20 (6): 1-8.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2018.0221
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    Japan is a country that attaches importance to the media dissemination of the image of the country and its cities In order to prepare for the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics, Tokyo is trying to spread the image of the host city to the world through media communication The framework and strategy of urban media promotion in Tokyo is analyzed based on the theories of media communication Through the analysis, it is known that first of all, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has promoted the image of 'cultural city' and positioned the city's functions At the same time, it has combined the 'Cool Japan' strategy proposed by the Japanese government to create an urban image element resource pool Secondly, the media communication of Tokyo's urban image has made three highly efficient, accurate and comprehensive publicity campaigns through the global media events, the news reports, and the dissemination of film and television works
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    Literature Classification and Review of Supply Chain Finance from Perspective of Financing Services
    LIU Shiqiang, WANG Yana, FENG Ling
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2022, 24 (1): 59-74.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2021.0194
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    In order to reveal the current research status and development of SCF-FS (supply chain finance considering financing service), through bibliometric analysis and content analysis methods, over 80 academic papers on SCF-FS mainly published in the last ten years are reviewed. These papers are classified into three categories according to financing service modes, ie, supply chain finance considering external financing, supply chain finance considering internal financing and supply chain finance considering a mixture of financing modes The research characteristics are further elaborated from the aspects of supply chain financing structure, coordination contracts, formulation models and decision variablesBy analysing the literature distribution such as citation numbers and journal rankings, recent papers on SCF-FS are categorised and assessed thoroughly Based on this comprehensive literature review, constructive suggestions on promising SCF-FS research agendas are proposed and discussed
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    Impacts of Industrial Structure Change on Labor Income Share in Middle-income Stage
    PENG Ding-yun, ZHENG Zi-hao
    JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOM    2020, 22 (1): 36-43.   DOI: 1019722/jcnki1008-772920190219
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    Taking middle-income stage as the time background, the panel data of 29 provincial administrative units in China from 1998 to 2017 is used to empirically study the impacts of industrial structure change on labor income share and regional heterogeneity, and the systematic GMM two-step method is used to test the robustness of the model The results show that industrial structure change has a significant positive impact on the share of labor income, and the influencing degree in eastern area is larger than that in middle and western areas; the increase of the proportion of the primary industry and the tertiary industry has a significant promoting effect on the share of labor income, while the proportion of the secondary industry has a significant negative effect on the share of labor income, and the influencing degree is the largest among the three industries In general, in order to increase the share of labor income, the increase of the proportion of tertiary industry should be promoted, the combination of primary industry and technology should be ensured, and the transformation of labor structure should be accelerated At the same time, the actual level of Chinas economic development and the differences among different regions should also be considered to improve the efficiency of the use of resources and various elements
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    Reasons and Mechanism of High-level Talent Flow in Universities under #br# Background of “Double First-Class” Initiative Construction
    ZHOU Hai-feng,LOU Jia
    JOURNAL OF BEIJING UNIVERSITY OF POSTS AND TELECOM    2020, 22 (1): 98-105.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2019.0334
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     Under the background of vigorously constructing “double first-class”  universities in China, the influence of talent flow on the development of universities is becoming more and more obvious The current situation and trend of talent flow in China are first summarized. Then, the internal mechanism of talent flow is deeply explored from three aspects of thrust, tension and impetus, and its influence is analyzed from positive and negative aspects In the end, the new mechanism of rational flow of talents from five different stages of talent introducing, talent using, talent retaining, talent releasing and talent sharing is explored The purpose of this research is to help to implement “double first-class” initiative with high quality practical, and further to promote the development of talented countries, educational powers and technological powers
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    Empirical Research on Impact of Financial Literacy on Household Risk Assets Allocation#br#
    DU Wei-an, XIONG Tong
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2021, 23 (2): 36-44.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2020.0277
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      Using the data of China Household Financial Survey in 2017, the effect of financial literacy on household risk assets allocation is investigated from two aspects: primary financial literacy and advanced financial literacy. The primary financial literacy and the advanced financial literacy variables are constructed by factor analysis method, and then empirical research is made by constructing Probit and Tobit models. It is found that families with high financial literacy are more likely to participate in the financial market and increase their risky assets holding. After controlling endogeneity, the influence of primary financial literacy on household risk assets allocation is stronger than that of advanced financial literacy. The age of the householder, income level, social insurance and regional economic level can promote household risk assets investment, while householder risk aversion has the opposite effect. This paper believes that improving financial literacy of Chinese residents, especially primary financial literacy, is conducive to promoting the active and healthy development of the financial market and improving the financial well-being of residents. It is an indispensable link in the implementation of inclusive financial services.
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    Can Green Finance Improve Green Total Factor Productivity?
    ZENG Ling-ling, YE Tian-tian
    Journal of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(Social Sciences Edition)    2021, 23 (1): 69-79.   DOI: 10.19722/j.cnki.1008-7729.2020.0103
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    The theoretical mechanism of green finance affecting green total factor productivity (TFP) is analyzed, and then based on the panel data of 30 provinces and cities in China from 2005 to 2017, green TFP is estimated by using SBM(Slack-based Measure) directional distance function and Global Malmquist-Luenberger (GML) index, and a green financial index system is constructed and the development level of green finance is estimated by using entropy method. Then, the static IV-GMM regression model and mediation effect model are used to systematically investigate the impact of green finance on green TFP and its mechanism. The results show that Chinas green finance is still at a relatively low level of development while green TFP shows the trend of growth, and both of them show great provincial and regional differences. The regression results show that the development of green finance can significantly promote the growth of green TFP in both coastal and inland areas and the whole country, but it plays a greater role in promoting coastal areas. The mediation effect test results show that for the whole country, the mediation effect of industrial structure optimization, energy saving and emission reduction and green technology innovation is significant, while only the mediation effect of energy saving and emission reduction and green technology innovation is significant in coastal and inland areas.

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